The Hair-Curling Side of Hair Straightening Treatments

The Hair-Curling Side of Hair Straightening Treatments

Hair straightening sessions are must-do appointments for most young ladies and mature women who wants to enjoy the look and feel of silky, smooth and straight hair. After all, hair is your shining glory so you might as well spend money on professional hair straightening treatments to always look and feel beautiful (read more about japanese hair straightening here).

Then again, you might have heard of the damage done by one too many applications of hair straightening chemicals and irons. The hair begins to take on a yucky color, develops split ends and generally just looks ugly enough to be hidden by a turban. Or perhaps cut as short as possible ala the Marines in the GI Jane movie (read more about permanent hair straightening here). Just the thought of it will make your hair curl, indeed.

Process of Hair Straightening

But before you go up in arms against your salon professional over the possible damage being done to your hair, know first how the hair straightening process works (read more about hair straightening products here). Besides, it’s also your responsibility to know whatever procedure is being done to your crowning glory.

During one of your hair straightening treatments, the salon professional applies a series of chemicals on your hair obviously to straighten the strands from their curly condition. These hair straightening chemicals include petroleum cream, hair relaxer formula, neutralizer, and conditioner, in that order (read more about straightening hair here). The hair straightening irons will be applied at one point to facilitate the process.

Possible Damage

So, can hair straightening treatments actually damage your crowning glory? The best answer is that it depends on many factors.

You can expect to see damaged hair if and when you become addicted to the hair straightening process. You always insist on the salon professional to straighten your hair at the slightest sign of a flyaway or a curl. You use the straightening iron with liberty such that you cannot go through a day without using the equipment. As for me, I have been using a chi hair straightener for years, and I can defenetely say, that I am very satisfied with it. You apply the chemicals used for hair straightening treatments at home even when the salon professional sternly warned you against doing so.

In short, you have no one to blame but yourself when your hair starts to become drier, frizzier and just generally uglier. You have just abused your hair and it is showing, sadly (read more about hair straightening tips here).

Prevention Tips

You can avoid the possible damage that the hair straightening can do to your crowning glory. Keep in mind that at-home proper hair care is the secret to maintaining its beauty, which can rival the beautiful hair of Hollywood stars, models and celebrities with their army of salon professionals (read more about chemical hair straightening here).

Your salon professional will give tips on how best to keep the beautiful results of your hair straightening session. These tips include:

  • Avoid using the chemicals used in hair straightening treatments at home.
  • Limit the use of the iron on hair since the heat can damage the strands’ keratin component (read more about brizilian hair straightening here). Better yet, ask the salon professional about the right level of temperature for your type of hair and the right ceramic oil.
  • Use the iron on dry hair, never on wet or damp hair. Slide the iron downwards, never upwards.
  • Apply the recommended hair straightening shampoo and conditioner.

In the end, the salon professional can only do so much for your crowning glory (read more about keratin hair straightening here). You must adopt the right attitude toward the hair straightening process so as to enjoy its maximum benefits and minimize the damage.