Badges and Access


A NASA Visitor Badge is available for visits up to 30 days, and may be requested up to 3 times for each visitor. The ASL collaborator or supervisor will request the visitor badge and after the request has been processed, badges must be picked up at the Ames Visitor Center by the front gate. Visitors must present a valid government-issued photo identification (driver’s license or passport) to receive the bage. With a visitor badge, visitors will have access to the Research Center when accompanied by their visitor badge sponsor or supervisor.

Providing they have access, PIs and other Affiliate Members may request NASA Visitor Badges directly or use the webform to askSP management to make the request on their behalf.

Please note that visitor badge requests for Foreign Nationals require additional lead time; at least 20 business days in advance of the visit start date. Foreign National visitors from designated countries require 40 business days advance submission.

Affiliate Members

A NASA Hard Badge is required for projects and work at ASL lasting longer than 180 days. To request a hard badge, contact theSP Director or Peter Minogue. With a hard badge, you will have access to building N239 and the Ames campus. A hard badge will also provide access (if authorized) to laboratories and offices within N239 that have electronic card readers. Use this webform to request or add cardkey accessto your hard badge.

Access to Building N239

The building’s external doors are unlocked Monday-Friday, 6AM to 6PM. Outside these hours, your cardkey will unlock the doors. For internal doors that do not have cardkey readers, you may be issued a key.

Temporary Electronic Keycard Access (Lenel Badge)

For an individual who does not have a NASA hard badge, typically a long-term visitor (weeks, months, i.e. students), or someone awaiting the issue of a NASA badge, a blank e-access card may be issued.  In this case, the identifying information of Driver’s License, government ID, passport is needed. A ‘blank’ (non-photo) card on Lenel™ cardstock is issued to the requestor, and activated for appropriate access.

Room Keys

Soon your NASA hard badge will be your key, as it will have an embedded identifying chip. While you are awaiting the hard badge to be issued, and for internal doors that do not have cardkey readers, you may be issued a key. To get a key, you need a hard badge and a triplicate Key Request Form, approved by the ASL Director. Contact Peter Minogue to obtain a form, or download the Key Request Form. The identifying number needed for you to get the correct key is on the barrel of the lock on the door; or contact us for assistance and we will complete the form with you. After you get the Director’s signed approval, add your California Driver’s License number in the space that asks for your Social Security Number, and take the form and your hard badge to the Ames Lock shop located in Building 76 on McCord Ave. south of South Akron Rd.

The Ames Lock shop is open 10:00 A.M. to 11:00 A.M.(closed Wednesday mornings) and 1:00 P.M. to 2:00 P.M. Monday thru Friday. If you are unable to come during counter hours, call 650-604-3843 after 7:00 A.M. and before 4:00 P.M. to schedule an appointment.

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