Permanent Hair Straightening: In the Salon or At Home

Permanent Hair Straightening: In the Salon or At Home

Permanent hair straightening is one of the most enduring beauty trends on both Western and Eastern cultures and for good reasons, too. For one thing, straight hair requires lesser period of time spent on grooming and styling since there are no frizzes, no tangles and no curls to remove.

For another thing, the process of permanent hair straightening makes the hair look beautiful as well as feel silky, soft and smooth. You just cannot resist running your hands down your straight hair simply because you can do so now, which may not have been possible when your hair was all tangled up. And let’s face it. Men are attracted to beautiful hair.

The good news is that permanent hair straightening can be done both in the salon and at home. Each one has its pros and cons that will persuade you to go for one option over the other. In this article, we shall discuss these pros and cons of permanent hair straightening in both venues.

If you choose to for the permanent hair straightening at the salon, you have the assurance of very satisfactory results. The salon professional possesses the right training and experience to ensure that your hair is handled with proper care during the permanent hair straightening process. You also have the benefit of high-quality chemicals and tools applied and used, respectively, on your hair.

The assumption, of course, is that you have chosen the right salon in the first place. Not all hair salons have the right professionals, chemicals and tools to perform permanent hair straightening treatments and you may well end up with severely damaged hair fit for nothing but to be lopped off with scissors. Or maybe even a razor.

The moral is to always choose the salon wisely. Ask the customers, family and friends about their experiences with the permanent hair straightening process in the shortlisted salons. See for yourself how the staff handles their customers going for said process. Only then can you make the right decision in choosing the salon where your own permanent hair straightening will be performed.

Besides, if you are going to pay hundreds of dollars for a single permanent hair straightening treatment, you might as well get your money’s worth. And here lies the most notable disadvantage of in-salon permanent hair straightening treatments – the expensiveness of it all.

But if you want the straight hair of your dreams, then to the salon you must go. Save up for the cost, if you have to.

Permanent Hair Straightening at Home

Your other option for permanent hair straightening is at-home treatments. You must purchase the chemicals, supplies and tools necessary to carry out the process but compared to the in-salon permanent hair straightening treatment, you will spend less on these items than you will pay at the salon. Plus, you can reuse many of the supplies and tools in your succeeding permanent hair straightening treatments, which should be within 6-8 months’ time mainly to straighten the new hair growth.

But you should not undertake ay-home permanent hair straightening if you have no experience with the process. Otherwise, you risk severe damage to your hair and scalp. So, which is better: at-home of in-salon? It is best to look at your budget and experience in permanent hair straightening before making your final decision on the matter.