Lynn Rothschild to Discuss Role of Synthetic Biology in NASA’s Missions at ASL on July 25th

Dr. Lynn Rothschild, Lead Scientist for Synthetic Biology at NASA Ames Research Center, will present a seminar, “The Role of Synthetic Biology in NASA’s Missions”, at the ASL on July 25th as part of the ASL and Ames Bio and Syn Bio Talks Seminar Series. The event will be held in Building N239, Room #B138 from 12:00-1:00pm. Please note that the room location for the event has changed from earlier event announcements.

Refreshments will be provided and you are welcome to bring your lunch.

Dr. Rothschild’s brief bio and an abstract of her talk follow below. Questions about this event can be directed to the POC, Peter Minogue.


The time has come to for NASA to exploit the emerging technology of synthetic biology in pursuit of its missions, including aeronautics, earth science, astrobiology and most notably, human exploration. Conversely, NASA advances the fundamental technology of synthetic biology as no one else can because of its unique expertise in the origin of life and life in extreme environments, including the potential for alternate life forms. This enables unique, creative “game changing” advances. NASA’s drivers will greatly increase the utility of synthetic biology solutions for military, health in remote areas and commercial purposes. The “what” and “how” of this game-changing technology will be covered along with a smorgasbord of proof-of-concept studies – from Biomining to “Hell Cell” and BioWires to printed advanced biocomposites, de-extinction and BioWires – that have emerged from our lab in the last few years and a taste of what is to come.

About the Speaker:

Dr. Lynn Rothschild is Lead Scientist for Synthetic Biology at NASA Ames Research Center, and represents the Agency on several working groups

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