Keratin Hair Straightening

Keratin Hair Straightening

Keratin hair straightening is one of the most popular techniques of its kind. As soon as you see the results of a single keratin hair straightening treatment, you will immediately understand the reasons for its popularity. Your hair will look smoother, feel softer and even smell better because of its better ability to absorb the shampoos and conditioners used on it.

Your previously kinky, curly or wavy hair becomes easier to style. Combing your hair will not be akin to a wrestling match with the tangles, kinks and corkscrews, thanks to a single keratin hair straightening session. Well, of course, you have to come back for touchups after 6 to 8 months depending on the rate of your hair growth but this is still a minor inconvenience in the general scheme of things where the keratin hair straightening technique is concerned.

Like all hair straightening methods, you must adopt certain hair care habits designed to maintain the results of your keratin hair straightening treatment. Plus, you can postpone going back to the salon for the touch ups while you are still saving up for the cost. Here then are the maintenance tips after your keratin hair straightening session.

Wait After the Keratin Hair Straightening

Your hairstylist’s first recommended step after the keratin hair straightening session is to keep your hands off your treated hair, in a manner of speaking. You must not do anything to your hair for the next 72 hours – 3 days, that is – after the keratin hair straightening has finished mainly because the chemical substances used must be allowed to seep into the strands.

This means that you must not tie your hair with rubber bands, headbands and bobby pins, use styling products on it, and even wash it with water. Otherwise, the chemical substances used in the keratin hair straightening technique will prematurely wash off, thus, rendering the session for naught. Similarly, if you tie your hair in any manner, the strands will take on the shape of the hair accessory instead of retaining its straight line.

Use the Right Hair Care Products.

Keratin Hair Straightening

Once the 72 hours have passed after the keratin hair straightening session, you can then wash your hair. But be careful about using just about any hair care products on your treated hair lest you end up with damaged hair. Or at the very least, frizzy, wavy and curly hair you wanted to remove when you went for the keratin hair straightening treatment in the first place.

Ask your hairstylist for the best keratin hair straightening products available in the market. You will most often be pointed in the direction of sodium-chloride shampoos and conditioners, which have been especially formulated to work well with tresses treated by the keratin hair straightening technique. Use these hair care products according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

You should also avoid too much blow drying and ironing of your hair after the keratin hair straightening session. Your hair is already as straight as it can be given the circumstances so just avoid messing with it too much lest it becomes damaged. Indeed, you will soon find that, aside from the comb, you will have no immediate need for any other styling tools and products after a successful keratin hair straightening session at the salon.