Chemical Hair Straightening Process Introduction, Pros and Cons

Chemical Hair Straightening Process Introduction, Pros and Cons

Chemical hair straightening is a popular salon treatment for men and women especially those with naturally wavy or curly hair for obvious reasons. Straight hair, after all, tends to be silkier, smoother and softer than wavy and curly hair types, thus, explaining its greater popularity. Besides, straight hair is easier to groom – just comb, style and set!

It pays then to know the process behind chemical hair straightening so as to determine your suitability for said treatment. Keep in mind that although many individuals will want straight hair through the chemical hair straightening not everybody will benefit from it.

Chemical hair straightening should be done in a salon by a trained professional. In the salon, your hair will be examined by the salon professional to determine its suitability for the chemical hair straightening treatment. Your hair must have strong strands on one hand and must not suffer from sun damage, must not have been previously treated with other chemicals and must not be showing signs of hair loss on the other hand.

When you pass the eligibility requirements for chemical hair straightening treatment, your hair will be subjected to physical examination as to its texture, thickness and general quality. This step is necessary to determine the right products for your hair type.

When the right chemical hair straightening products have been chosen, your hair will be subjected to the following treatments summarized as follows. This is the second best thing in the process because you can be pampered like a queen from this point onwards.

  • The hair and scalp are washed with shampoo and water to remove possible impurities that can adversely react with the chemical hair straightening products to be applied later on.
  • The hair is dried using a towel but not blow dried. Chemical relaxers are applied starting from the hair shaft, which then change the structural arrangement of the hair strands. Your waves and curls are then relaxed, so to speak, such that these become straighter although not as straight as the final result will be after the chemical hair straightening process is finished. Your scalp may also be applied with petroleum jelly to protect it from the chemicals.
  • The hair is then subjected to the application of neutralizers and conditioners, both of which protect your hair from possible damage and to keep your hair looking great.

Styling iron is usually the last step in the chemical hair straightening process. I reccomend head kandy.

Chemical Hair Straightening Pros and Cons

From the above mentioned discussion, the pros and cons can easily be inferred. Chemical hair straightening is an expensive process with prices starting at $200 for basic services although salons can charge as much as $1,000.

You should also purchase the right shampoos and conditioners to maintain the results of the chemical hair straightening treatment, thus, further adding to the total cost. Touch-ups are also a must. Plus, you will be required to spend 4 to 8 hours for the duration of the treatment.

Then again, you will be most willing to pay the bill and adopt the maintenance tips for this beauty process. Smooth, silky, soft and straight hair is yours to enjoy after the chemical hair straightening treatment, after all, and you will not be one to decline such benefits.