Because Your Crowning Glory Deserves Brazilian Hair Straightening

Because Your Crowning Glory Deserves Brazilian Hair Straightening

When you hear of Brazilian hair straightening, your first thought may be that it is a contradiction in itself. We are more acquainted with Brazilian wax treatments on our nether regions and that has nothing to do with straightening hair, after all. But said notion is about to change for the better with the introduction of Brazilian hair straightening process to your beauty consciousness, in a manner of speaking.

Actually, the Brazilian hair straightening treatment has been around for a few years although its popularity is just starting to peak.

Let’s start with a general overview of the Brazilian hair straightening treatment. It is a temporary method of straightening hair unlike the Japanese method, the latter of which lasts for 8 months at most. The advantage of the Brazilian hair straightening method lies in the fact that you can easily revert to your curly or wavy hair, if and when you feel like it.

Because of the temporary nature of the technique, the chemical substances used are usually gentler than those used for other permanent methods. In fact, the chemicals applied on your tresses with the Brazilian hair straightening technique closely mimics the natural hair protein known as keratin and, thus, makes it easier for the hair to accept said substances. Lesser side effects can occur.

Another advantage of the Brazilian hair straightening technique is that the chemical coating can be washed away with proper use of shampoos and conditioners. Hair re-growth is then healthier than with other methods.

You will also love it that the Brazilian hair straightening method can be used on damaged hair, which is not possible with other techniques. Thus, even when you have frizzy, bleached, colored, curled, and highlighted hair, you can still enjoy the benefits of a Brazilian hair straightening treatment. Your hair can be as shiny, smooth and sleek as all the hairs subjected to the permanent straightening techniques.

The Brazilian hair straightening technique is also less expensive in comparison with other methods. For example, if you will spend $800 for the Japanese technique, you will only pay $200 for similar benefits. Indeed, your crowning glory deserves the Brazilian hair straightening technique.

How Is the Brazilian Hair Straightening Performed?

Now that you have been convinced of the advantages of the Brazilian hair straightening technique, you will want to know of the process. It’s actually simple although we must emphasize that you cannot and must not perform a Brazilian hair straightening treatment session at home for safety reasons. Go to the salon – this is what we always try to emphasize with the Brazilian hair straightening technique and its permanent counterparts.

  • Your hair will be washed with a special sodium-free clarifying lotion. It will then be brushed well and then blow dried.
  • Your hair strands will be coated with a keratin and formaldehyde mixture as the relaxant. These strands will be divided into sections to facilitate the next step.
  • Each section of hair will then be heated with a straightening flat iron with the purpose being to fuse the mixture to the hair structure.

Your hair will then become straighter, shinier and smoother after the treatment. And that’s when you will realize that, indeed, you need the Brazilian hair straightening just as much as you need the Brazilian wax.