Affiliates are the heart of SP’s operations.SP is a consortium of Affiliates. In addition to the founding partners, NASA Ames and UCSC’s Silicon Valley Initiatives,SP welcomes other academic and non-profit research institutions and private industry.SP assists by navigating NASA and UCSC policies to deliver cooperative, and sometimes unexpected, solutions.SP supports the consortium’s science, engineering, and education aspects through: seminars and workshops, inter-project interactions, library services, lab management guidelines, central facilities, logistical operations, etc. There are currently sixteen Affiliates and theSP is always interested in contacts from potential Affiliates. If you are interested in becoming an Affiliate, please contact the SP Directors.

Four types of Affiliates contribute to the shared environment, leveraging their goals, expertise, student involvement, contributed equipment, and access to facilities

  • UCSC Affiliates
  • NASA Affiliates
  • Third-party Affiliates: academic, non-profit or commercial
  • Former Affiliates
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