2014 ASL Summer Internship Program

Created in 2009 and formalized the following year, the ASL Summer Internship Program enters its sixth consecutive year in 2014. Since its inception, the program has provided unique, hands-on research opportunities to more than 50 undergraduate and graduate students from UC Santa Cruz, Foothill-DeAnza Community College District, San Jose State University, Santa Clara University, and other local and national universities.

The research and learning experience gained by Summer Program Interns strengthens collaborations between investigators from UC Santa Cruz and NASA Ames Research Center and the partners of UC Santa Cruz in Silicon Valley. The Summer Internship Program is also central to one of ASL’s missions — to lead, support, and promote research and educational opportunities to benefit students in their academic goals and the broader community. The ASL Directors are proud to support the students in the ASL Summer Internship Program and faciliate the collaborative research projects of the ASL Affiliates.

Now Accepting Requests for Student Funding
April 15, 2014: The ASL Directors are now accepting requests for student funding for participation in the the 2014 ASL Summer Internship Program. Funding requests are submitted via webform and are due by May 1st.

For ASL Affiliate PIs/Leads
Affiliate PIs and designated Leads may submit funding requests for students you would like to be considered for the 2014 ASL Summer Internship Program. Please refer to the eligibility criteria and application requirements and work with your students to assemble and provide the required information. Application deadlines and other key dates can be found on the program schedule page.

For Interested Students
If you are already working with an ASL Affiliate, or if you are interested in contributing to one of their projects, you may contact the Affiliate PI to express your interest in participating in the ASL Summer Internship Program. The ASL Affiliate PI (or designated member) will submit a funding request on your behalf. To determine what information you will need to provide the PI, view the program requirements and eligibility page. Application deadlines and other key program dates can be found on the program schedule page which will be updated regularly.

For those who are unable to determine if there is an appropriate ASL Affiliated project based on your area of research interest or degree major/coursework, you may contact the ASL Summer Internship Program Coordinator, Peter Minogue. Be sure to review the eligibilty criteria and program requirements prior to submitting an inquiry.

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